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Bohindie Stream "I'll Be Seeing You" Bracelet

Bohindie Stream "I'll Be Seeing You" Bracelet

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I'll be seeing you

In every lovely summer's day

In everything that's light and gay

I'll always think of you that way.

-Billie Holiday



Gold plated adjustable bracelet

Rainbow aura titanium coated druzy


Each piece is handmade with love in the United States and uses genuine crystals & quality materials that have been tested for longevity. Due to crystal variances and their unique raw nature, each one may differ in size and shape. No two crystals are cut exactly the same.


Message from the titanium quartz crystal: I clear the pathway for the vital life force to flow. I center, ground, and energize you all at once. I dispel sorrow and replace it with humor. I increase confidence, self-awareness, and help focus you. I also allow creativity to flow freely within.
Made in United States of America

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