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Coffee Over Cardio®

DIPPIN' DOTS | Hydrate- Rainbow Ice [Mix in Water]

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30 servings. Electrolyte, hydration, endurance formula. A tasty way to add electrolytes to your water! Made with CocOganic™, an electrolyte-infused coconut powder combined with an amazing flavor! DRINKING WATER IS HARD. HYDRATE MAKES IT EASY. By mixing 1 scoop of Hydrate to your water or coffee each day you can feel more energized, boost your recovery time, and increase your endurance.† -56,728 Tubs Of Hydrate We Have Shipped As Of Today -850,920 Gallons Of Water We've Helped Customers Drink This is everything you need to restore essential electrolytes. It's the perfect answer after a sweaty workout or a busy day!