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Blurring Primer:

A lightweight, oil-free blurring makeup primer that instantly minimizes pores and smooths skin, extending makeup weartime, powered by moisture-loving ceramides to boost skin’s health.

Illumination Primer:

Effortlessly lightweight, this illuminating makeup primer imparts instant radiance while brightening, color-correcting, and smoothing skin with vitamin C and squalane for more even, glowing skin and extended makeup weartime.

Mattifying Primer:

Weightless and instantly mattifying, this shine-controlling makeup primer preps and balances skin with niacinamide and caffeine, creating a velvet matte finish, for smooth foundation application and extended weartime.

Hydrating Primer:

A lightweight water-based hydrating makeup primer powered by hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to boost skin’s moisture, helping makeup apply more evenly and last longer, for a dewy finish and cushioned skin.

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